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    Maker: Alabama Holster Company
    Quantity: 1
    Item: Double Magazine Pouch with Adjustable Retention
    Clip Option: Full Loop
    Belt Size: 1 1/2"
    Shooter Hand: Righted Shooter, worn on left side bullets facing forward
    Firearm Make & Model: Glock 9mm/.40/.357
    Retail Price when NIB: $30.00 + shipping

    This item was purchased direct from the manufacturer in September/October of this year. I used it in a couple of IDPA matches and find it holds the magazines very close to the body with excellent retention. However, I have more pouches than I need so I’m letting this one go. These are actual pics of my item taken yesterday. No bag. You get what you see below.


    Asking $25 shipped USPS Priority.
    PayPal preferred, Money Order accepted.
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