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SOLD: xd9sc 2 tone (silver/black) w/ Trijicon NS SOLD

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Im helping a friend sell her pistol - She got it in March and still hasn't fired it. I cant remember how many rounds the previous owner shot through it but it looks terrific.
Night sights a green front sight & yellow rear sights and the pistol has a black frame w/ silver slide. Includes all the XD gear along with a DeSantis nylon IWB holster, some kind of paddle holster and the 16 round and 10 round magazines.

I might be forgetting something but ill post some more later. The previous owner put skateboard tape on the grip... can be taken off but she left it on.

Asking $460 - again it has night sights INSTALLED already. My email is [email protected] . GDL REQUIRED, FTF only, GFL preferred.

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Re: FS: xd9sc 2 tone (silver/black) w/ yellow&green NS

bump - correct details about sights and holsters that it comes with. New pictures.
Re: FS: xd9sc 2 tone (silver/black) w/ Trijicon NS

Pm sent...
Re: FS: xd9sc 2 tone (silver/black) w/ Trijicon NS

Re: FS: xd9sc 2 tone (silver/black) w/ Trijicon NS REDUCED

This is STILL for sale. Havent had anyone really offering anything other than lowballing the hell out of it.
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