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Sold: WTS: Steyr M-A1 9mm complete package

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I really didn't want to sell this gun but I have quite a few reasons that I need to let it go. I wanted to post it here in hopes that this gun will "stay in the family" before I trade it in at the store :)

The gun shop I bought it from offered me $275 and no extra money for the mags or the holster. I think this would be a waste since its such a nice holster and I don't want to keep it sitting around if I don't have the gun.

The package is the newest, "Made in Austria" Steyr 9mm handgun M-1A with 7 magazines (2 are 10 rounders, rest are 15), a tan leather DeSantis Speed scabbard and matching double magazine holder. I am asking $300.

Details for the gun can be found here

The gun has about 2500-2700 rounds through it. It has been to the Steyr Arms USA (in Cummings, GA) twice for repairs early on. Since the last trip, it has been working great, that's been about 1700+ rounds. It doesn't like Rem UMC ammo as much, still shoots it but will throw the spent cases around and has thrown one or two at my head before. It has the Trapezoid sights.

I have used this gun as my house gun and at the first day of the Firearmz class. So, it works fine, and shoots very soft and accurate. There is very little wear on it, I will post pics when I get the chance tomorrow.

PM or post here if you are interested. Thanks.
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I had a chance to handle one a few weeks ago, not a big fan of all the plastic, but it sure fell into my hand well, very comfortable to hold, but I found that I had a tendency to aim lower with it due to the (what I consider) extreme angle of the grip.
tace said:
Yes, it is plastic like Glocks, and pretty much all new guns. But at least it looks a ton better than a Glock and keeps the weight down.
Cept for 1911's :)
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