SOLD: West German SIG P226

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    I traded into this gun, cleaned it up, test fired it, but I'd really prefer a Stainless Slide and DAK trigger, so I'm throwing it out to the members of the forum.

    Gun and 2 high capacity zipperback mags, plus a third high capacity magazine. It has some wear on the high points as you might expect gun of its age. I will include a non-matching blue case for a P220 to hold it.

    I'd prefer to trade. But will ship for a straight sell. Will sell for $500 + $65 shipping to any free state. FFL must accept shipments from individuals with copy of Driver's license.

    I'm pretty open on trades. Here are some of the things I'd be interested in:
    SIG P226 DAK
    Stainless DA/SA S&W Revolvers J frame or L-Frame in .357 - Pre-lock
    S&W 3916
    Mossberg Mariner 500
    Remington 870 Marine
    Commander sized 1911 Stainless
    Marlin 39a
    Beretta INOX Cougar 9mm
    Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm
    WWII Rifles (especially a 1903 A4)

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    Re: FS/T West German SIG P226

    PM Sent with trade info.