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(SOLD): Tucker Gun leather IWB Silent Thunder holster for 4" 1911. This holster can carry any size 1911 from 5" to 3" models. A Government 5" model will extend about 1" out the bottom. This holster is made with Kydex and then the whole inside of the holster is lined with a thin layer of leather. The leather lining is softer on your gun finish and also makes the draw of the gun silent. It has a single point attachment for the belt and can be adjusted to a wide range of cant. I even wore this holster AIWB. I have 3 belt clips; one is 1.25", another is 1.5" and the last is made for a belt with Velcro. This holster is tuck-able. Retention is very good, and can be adjusted with an Allen wrench at 2 different points on the holster.

Payment can be Cash FTF or PayPal. If PayPal is used, I will email you a receipt with payment instructions and you can pay with a Debit or Credit Card. I will ship to you as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Specs from Tucker Gun Leather website:

Gun retails for $85.00 + shipping


Worn at 3:30 - 4:00

Worn Appendix

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