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I have for sale a very nice Glock 36. I bought it a few years ago and was told it was a police department trade-in. It appears it has been shot very little, if at all. I never shot it.

I have the pistol and a Glock box with a lock and brush. It is not the original box for the firearm, but it is a factory Glock box.

It comes with night sites, but they are very dim. I would estimate they glow at about a 10% rate.

The added bonus is that it comes with 9 magazines. 3 have factory Glock baseplates, 3 have Pearce +0 extended baseplates, and 3 have Pearce +1 extended baseplates.

That's 7 extra magazines above what is normally shipped with the Glock 36.

Asking $450.00 or best offer NOW $400.00

Located in Coweta County, and will be working in Coweta for the next week or two. I'm willing to travel some if the deal is right and not too far. I may be coming to Atlanta soon, but not 100% sure about dates and times.

Please PM or post for any questions or comments.




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