SOLD - Samsung 320 GB Laptop SATA HDD (Refurb?)

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  1. Item has been sold.

    [s:3olriamw]I have a refurbished Samsung HDD that was given to me by a coworker because he suspected it was out of warranty. I found out it was under warranty and Samsung replaced it. I assume they shipped me a refurbished drive, hence the question mark in the subject.

    The only thing I have done is put the drive in a laptop and run a full diagnostics test with Samsung's HDD utilities to make sure the drive is functional. It is still under warranty and will be under warranty until 2011-06, per Samsung's website.

    Asking $15 face to face transfer only. PM me if interested.[/s:3olriamw]
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    Re: Samsung 320 GB Laptop SATA HDD (Refurb?)

    PM sent :righton:

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    Sold pending meeting.