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Ever see “The A Team� That TV show got me interested in the Ruger Mini-14. Although the "A Team" never seemed to hit anyone with their Rugers, this one shoots straight.

I’m selling this one because I want something else more.

Anyway, it is a Ruger Mini-14. Wood and Stainless Steel! Caliber 5.56/.223 (same as the AR-15).

It comes with Ruger rings and a Picatinny rail and 4 magazines: 1 â€" five round, 1 â€" ten round, and 2 â€" Twenty round magazines.

It is a blast to shoot. Almost no recoil. Very handy short rifle. Perfect for a truck, for kids or smaller statured shooters. I just have two other .223's.

$500 or trade for:
Ruger Single Six, Stainless 4 5/8†barrel, adjustable sights (plus cash)
What else do you have to offer?


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