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  1. VolGrad

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    WTS Gen2 GLOCK G19

    GLOCK G19 second generation (no rail, no finger grooves)
    compact 9mm
    excellent condition, best I've seen
    NOT a shot out police trade-in
    std fixed sights (NOT night sights)
    original tupperware box with matching SN on label
    2 recent production mags
    I purchased in Nov then sent to GLOCK in Smyrna for inspection & small part replacement

    $450 FIRM FTF in Athens only. NO SHIPPING.
    I am NOT interested in any trades. I am selling it to fund new appliances.

    Here's a few pics ...

    Please don't bother PM'ing me to tell me how cheap you can get a Gen2 from somewhere else. I guarantee it won't be as nice as this ... even if you can find one. If you can get one somewhere else cheaper ... go for it. Don't waste my time telling me about it. Frankly, I don't care.
  2. abailey362

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    Re: WTS Gen2 GLOCK G19

    pm me with your appliance needs.

    If I save you $450 can I have the gun? lol j/k

  3. VolGrad

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    Re: WTS Gen2 GLOCK G19

    Lots of interest but no buyer yet. Let's get this done. I dropped $1k on appliances this morning.