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** SOLD PENDING FUNDS ** Walther PPK/S .380

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For sale:

Walther PPK/S (S&W made), Like new condition, rose wood grips, 2 7 round mags (1 with pinky extension), factory box and paper work, Southern Holsters 'Memphis' leather IWB holster, and Don Hume leather belt slide holster. This pistol fires great and is 100% reliable. It was approx 800 round through it and has been cleaned and lubed each time it has been fired. It was test fired at the factory 12/21/06 and purchased new in 02/07.

Asking $450 FTF in metro Atlanta.

I'll also include 50 rounds of Blazer Aluminum 95gr FMJ ammo and 7 rounds of Corbon 85gr JHP ammo, if purchased before my next range visit. :D

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Macktee said:
You're gonna be sorry a year from now!

A year from now I'll be ready for a change again. :D
I've never tried to pocket it.

I just tried to while wearing work khakis (no holster). My said that she could tell something was in my pocket, but had no idea what it was. It would probably be better with cargo pants.
It's being delivered to it's new owner tomorrow, and it's replacement is being bought Sat morning.
It looks like it will be a Taurus Millenium Pro 9mm.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts