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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by livesounder, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. livesounder

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    I have a particular project management problem that I'm trying to fill with software but have been so far unable to find something suitable. I'm hoping someone here may know of something that will work. The requirements are rather simple (in my mind, at least):

    - The ability to send an email reminder of an impending event, ala Outlook.
    - The ability, preferably graphically in either calender or Gantt chart style to place multiple events on specific but separated days and link them such that if one is moved, the others move as well while retaining the same amount of separation, ala a Gantt chart. The email reminder would be sent for each of these events.

    We're running a server-based system. I'd rather not put this calendar on the web. It could live on a single local PC running XP if it needed to.

    Given there's plenty of freeware that will do either of these tasks, I'd like to think something that combines them could be gotten for free as well, though I'm OK with paying a nominal sum if need be.

  2. ookoshi

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    Does Microsoft Project not do these things?

    I'm asking, I always assumed it did but I don't do a lot of project management.

  3. mb90535im

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    MS-Project will integrate with Ourlook via email to set the reminder tickler initially, but I don't think it keeps Outlook syncronized as dates change.

    MS-Project is probably overkill. It's been several years since I have had to use it for project tracking. I find it to be a good planning tool, but way too labor intinsive (at least without a full time admin assistant) to use for ongoing project tracking.