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    Whatever sort of trickery they attempt will only matter to other Democrats. Out of the smelly depths of Dems and Repubs rose the independent spirit that drives the Tea Party machine. It can't be stopped now, and the shrill left will continue to me marginalized by good people who wish to preserve the America they cherish so much.

    If they spend ONE TAX PAYER DIME on this crap, though, there should be investigations, hearings, and hangings.

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    But there won't be. Nobody is holding these politicians and administrations accountable. Not the other politicians, not We the People, not anyone.

    Let's say we do elect a bunch of Tea Party people that are in not with the Big Government GOP this time, will they have enough people to vote and convict people on ethics charges? Will the Tea Party candidates just get assimilated to the "big club" mentality, thus basically being turned into the BG GOP? If not, how long before it does happen? Will we the people go up to DC and physically throw them out because corruption has made it impossible to hold anyone accountable in our federal government? Our state governments? Also, how long until the Big Government Reps and Dems target these non-"big club" assimilated people that have been elected, and do everything in their power to get them booted out. Including, bringing them up on charges, bullying them out, targeting them in the media, black listing and black balling them, ect. We're already seeing it with Christine O'Donnel. They are already finding every bad thing they can find about her and plastering it all over the media in a means to discredit her, get people to not vote for her, and to get people to vote Dem and BG GOP. The people in power are scared and they are doing everything in their power to keep their majority, and this includes the BG GOP.

    These are important questions that will be answered in time, but to me, they are threats that are still possible. Someone has to be very hard up in their ideologies to not be tainted and corrupted by politics, especially in our federal government.

    To be honest, I think after most politicians serve one term, they should be booted out before their learn the corruption from DC. They learn the "big club" elitist mentality, which helps them all support and protect themselves and makes sure that they all keep their respective jobs. There are only a few politicians on the state and federal levels that have seemingly stayed true to their ideologies and have not been tainted by government, at least not too much.

    This lends itself to incredible character and integrity. Something that few people have in this world, especially a politician with a few terms under their belts.

    It would take a miracle if we could actually vote in people that would actually keep their other politicians buddies accountable and put their feet to the fire. I just don't see it happening. If it does happen, and I mean on a massive scale, I will be very surprised.

    Most likely it will just be another "politics as usual" type thing. For true change in this country, it would have to happen on a massive scale.
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    (Don't you mean one MORE dime?) ... I say "Why wait?"

    As an aside...