So What's Going on in DC?

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by IrishTiger, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. IrishTiger

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    I'm going to CPAC in a month, and I'm driving up there. I'm technically a volunteer, but more or less staff this year as my position has been elevated. I sure as crap don't want to drive all that way without a pistol either! I know there's been some headlines in the news on the draconian DC gun laws, but has anything really changed? As far as I know, it is illegal for me to bring a firearm into the District of Columbia... even whilst traveling through.

    Anyone know anything different?
  2. ookoshi

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    Federal law protects you during transport while it is unloaded and separated from ammunition in your trunk, but once you stop in D.C. (I assume your hotel is in D.C.?), you would be in violation. All firearms brought into D.C. are subject to an immediate registration requirement. However, since you are not a D.C. resident, you cannot register your firearm, placing you in violation by default, even if you were OK with registering your firearm (which includes a test and a training requirement, so I doubt any sane person would do this just for traveling anyways).

    Their registration requirement is a lawsuit waiting to hap... actually there are lawsuits pending, but as of right now it's still law.

  3. IrishTiger

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    Great. That's all I needed to know. It's unfortunate their laws don't at least protect you to bring it in to your place of residence (which in my case would be a hotel... which you are correct, it is in DC). I'm very uncomfortable driving up there and making all kinds of stops without a firearm. I already have to drive straight through SC.

    The reason I'm driving vs flying is because I'm staff, and I need a vehicle to get all kinds of stuff done up there.
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    I went to visit family in the DC metro area last year. I had a hotel room in Virginia (Falls Church), and left my pistol in the room safe before entering the district. CCW normally in VA with my Utah permit.
  5. TimBob

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    Too bad you couldn't stay across the line in Virginia...
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    Ditto. The subway system in DC worked nicely for me - except to G'town, where you needed a bus to/from.
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    Get a room in DC, then just travel across when you need to. I would even suggest visiting and see if you can get hooked up with someone there that may be able to either host you or hold your guns for you, in the event that you cant find a room in VA.
  8. EJR914

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    There are places to stay that literally border the Potomac where you would be legal in carrying and transporting a firearm. I say get a hotel room in a more friendly place and travel to and from via taxi or other MOT, IMHO. :righton:
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    Wide. Open. So. Many. Ways. To. Go.

    Too. Easy.