So What If The Second Amendment is Outdated?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Malum Prohibitum, Jul 27, 2007.

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    "Some people think that the Second Amendment is an outdated relic of an earlier time. Doubtless some also think that constitutional protections of other rights are outdated relics of earlier times. We The People own those rights regardless, unless and until We The People repeal them. For those who believe it to be outdated, the Second Amendment provides a good test of whether their allegiance is really to the Constitution of the United States, or only to their preferences in public policies and audiences. The Constitution is law, not vague aspirations, and we are obligated to protect, defend, and apply it. If the Second Amendment were truly an outdated relic, the Constitution provides a method for repeal. The Constitution does not furnish the federal courts with an eraser."

    - Andrew Kleinfeld, 9th Circuit Court Judge, opinion in dissent, Nordyke v. King; filed April 04/05/2004.
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    I would argue that you cannot repeal inalienable rights. Those rights pre-date any form of government.

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    Hence what the country was founded on. People just seem to allow opinion or beliefs to change what made the country strong and desirable in the first place.

    The KISS method has always been proven to work in every application I have applied.

    Keep It Simple Stupid.

    If this country would have done that, then all this crap years later would have probably ironed out a bit easier.
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    I agree. So did our founders who based a lot of their writings on the earlier writings of John Locke, a natural law proponent.

    There was even quite a bit of discussion on if the bill of rights even needed to be included in the constitution as they were considered to be inalienable and natural rights held by all men. Thankfully, the founders saw fit to go ahead and include them or we could be in a situation such as Canada where the parliament can decided to legislate anything without any real check to their power.