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So, what are you going to do?

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Once again, Sarah needs our money... Er, I mean our help. Yeah, that's it... our help!

And, in answer to her question, I personally will continue to carry a pistol each time I leave the house.

I may never need it, but iffen Ah ebber duz, yewkinbetchureass (as we say in Kentucky) Ah'll furdamshur hiv it witme!!!

What Are You Going to Do about Gun Violence?
Keep Up the Pressure: Our Leaders Need to Do More than Offer Condolences

I'm charged up after my appearance with Jim on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday morning. And I'm even more excited that so many of you have taken action in the wake of last week's tragic shootings at Virginia Tech.

More than 50,000 calls and emails have been made to our elected leaders to ask them "What are YOU going to do about gun violence," including thousands to President Bush, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid.

This pressure is absolutely critical if we don't want our leaders to retreat and do nothing after offering condolences.

So thank you! But we need to keep that momentum going. Please support our efforts today.

Why do we have to keep the pressure on? Because every day in America, 32 people are murdered by guns. The same number that was killed last Monday.

A supporter last week had the great idea of asking her friends to donate $32 to the Brady Campaign. So we are asking you to do the same now. Please give $32 today.

Despite the daily toll of gun deaths, Congress has done nothing. And to help your Brady Campaign keep the heat on Congress, we are asking you for your financial support right now.

As a nation, we can do better. And to keep the dialogue going and the momentum building to find a solution, please keep asking the question "What are YOU going to do about gun violence in America?"

Sarah's Signature [image]
Sarah Brady, Chair
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Poor Sarah............................................... If she's sincere that is.

If she's just in it for the money, than :censored: that :censored: in her
:censored: !!!
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Macktee said:
Hey Adam!!!

Can you make it on the sixth?

How about you GG?

Anyone else?
It is a Sunday isn't it? What do I do on most Sundays? Go to Bullseye !!! I should be there with my mini-me.
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