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So I wake up this morning...

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And I look out my window and there's a group of kids beating the crap out of a newer Mustang's hood with a baseball bat...not sure what happened after someone from the office came by and said whatever he said... :shock: I'll have to look at it when I leave for work in 45 minutes or so...
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"I wrote a little song...wanna hear it? here it goes..." 8)

But yea, looked like a serious hail storm tore up the front of that car. The car wasn't there when I got back from work...not sure what all happened with it.
gsusnake said:
I woke up this mornin' and had them Statesboro blues.
:) Yea, I'll be back in Statesboro in a few days. Won't be having any blues, though.
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