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Re: good article

gunsmoker said:
Short but good. I think comparing machineguns to sports cars and sport motorcycles (those streamlined crotch rockets that can go 180 MPH easily) is perfectly appropriate and logical.

No, you don't "need" a turbo Porche with a 400 HP engine when a Ford sedan with a 150 HP motor will still take you way over the legal speed limit in any U.S. State. You don't "need" the kind of cornering that will let you zip through a curve at 60 when that curve is marked with a "Curve ahead: 35 MPH" warning sign. You don't "need" a vehicle that lends itself to being driven illegally and recklessly, and that is marketed in a way that suggests the public roads are all yours to play on.

But in the interest of freedom and liberty, you can buy such a car if you can afford it, and if you can afford the insurance on it, and only if you get caught doing reckless/ dangerous / illegal things with it can the State take legal action against you.
Hey i like my 500rwhp car 8) (nope not a porche just pure GM power)
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