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Snow Dec 8 2017

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I don't remember this in this morning's forecast.
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I love seeing Glenn Burns talking so highly of "his team", but on Wednesday he made the comment that some "social media outlets" had mentioned that one of the models (the euro if I recall) pretty much nailed it, but to just ignore that model because we weren't going to get much of nothing. Glenn was also the dude that said (about 3 years ago?) a NWS tornado warning was false...he didn't see the same indicators, but yes, yes, there was a tornado. That dude needs to RETIRE already.

The NWS scientific discussion was very much on point Friday AM (about 4 AM) about it sticking and the accumulations could be much higher than anticipated, hence the warning that was issued so early...and they had seen this happen already in MS and AL. So, I tend to go with the NWS, the local broadcast fools seem to be really good at F*ing up.

One last rant...for the folks that are all over Georgia Power for taking "SOOO LONG" to get power back. At 6 PM yesterday, they had restored power to over 200,000 people. That is remarkable and should be praised. Instead, the Ga Power Twitter feed was full of people hating because they had no power for a while. But, I guess we know who won't hang around long if there is an apocalypse!
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