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good choice for the $

I have been carrying the P3AT since they came out, the 2nd generation is the best, improved extractor. These are good enough for personal carry unless you carry in a meth hood, there I'd opt for a G21 or XD 45.
The P3AT is a cheap gun but I have yet to have a failure to fire.
Yes, the 380 is a dimunative bullet but it beats a 22 or 32 and certainly beats a knife or pepper spray if the situation warrants.
Bullet placement is more important than caliber or the price of the gun its fired from, and remember, you can't miss fast enough to win.
You will get a lot of pro's & con's but my choice is the P3AT due to size & weight, the Desantis pocket holster works just fine with jeans or shorts. :roll:
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