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SKS Scope Base Receiver Cover

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A couple months ago, I found at a pawn shop a good deal on an SKS receiver cover with a permanently attached Weaver base, and a 1" diameter fixed 4X rifle scope, with rings, ready to stick on an SKS rifle.

The other day I mounted it on my Norinco SKS, but the cover was a very loose fit. I didn't even try to shoot it, because I guessed I'd be getting a foot of crosshair movement at 50 yards just based on the wriggling of the receiver cover.

So then I shimmed it. I added strips of aluminum tape (real duct tape) to the forward rails underneath the cover, with strips of tape about 1.5" long and maybe 3/16" wide.

Then the reciever cover fit TIGHT. I was happy. I thought I had fixed the problem. And I was so confident, I didn't even try to work the rifle's action or do some dry fire practice at home before going to the range.

At the range, I found the shims interfered with the bolt carrier. The rifle could not be fired, as the bolt would only go back about halfway.

I also noticed that the scope extended over the rifle's magazine loading area. Not a big deal for target shooting or hunting, but it would interfere with rapid reloading in a combat situation. No way to use stripper clips while the rifle is wearing a traditional 10" long rifle scope either.

QUESTION: Have any of you had to shim or add material to a too-loose SKS receiver cover? Do you have any suggestions for what might work better than aluminum tape? Maybe use some 2-part epoxy and then after it hardens, grind or file down the excess to make a custom tight fit?

P.S. I think my SKS is accurate enough to justify a crosshair scope, at least a cheap 4X one. With Wolf or milsurp ammo, I can shoot about 5" groups at 100 yards with iron sights. I imagine with Remington or Winchester commercial soft-point hunting ammo, accuracy should be even better. What I'm trying to accomplish is make the SKS easy to hit deer-sized targets (vital area, center of mass hits only) at up to 200 yards, or varmint / predator sized targets (coyote, woodchuck) at 100 yards.

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That's the one version receiver cover/scope mount there is another version which has 4 "legs" going down the side to straddle the receiver with set screws and jam nuts on each. Those do not move. But you have to be careful not to over tighten or you put too much pressure on the rails and bind the bolt carrier.

like these:

But any of them will change poi if removed to clean rifle. Suggestion would be not to remove just open action.

I have the second version similar to those in the pics on a Norinco SKS.
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