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Gunstar1 said:
willy.45 said:
TAPCO is in Kennesaw off hwy 41 :D The little cannons are pretty cool too, mine "does shoot" .58 cal balls (although the Kennesaw Cannon Company does not recommend it) I just had to..... :)
I would have done the same. How could you not fire a cannon at least once?
They are made to shoot small amounts of powder or fire crackers but, I found some 1/8th inch fuse on the net and SLOWLY worked up to 100 grns of Pyro and the ball went through my wood fence (60 ft. wooded hill for backstop) the cannon flipped over backward, the wife gave me the look :shock: (Memorial Day,we had some guest over) so back to the book shelf it went for display duty.........back to the thread, TAPCO!!!!!
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