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SketchUp of Barn Type Work Shop Building (*large images*)

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Friend of mine asked me to design this one for him, as a possible woodworking shop. So, over the last year or so, I've worked on this off-and-on, and have finally finished up, aside from minor tweaks, more trim, etc. All that is left is putting in the lights, outlets, running hose for a dust collecting system, etc.

I've also not put on any shingles, or other type roofing material. I dunno yet what he's wanting (shingles, corrugated metal, etc.).

Figured I'd post it here since I got so many good ideas / suggestions from the other building I designed (which I plan to start work on in Real Life here in a week or three).

Link to it on Google Warehouse:

Snapshots of it:

...many more snapshots can be seen here in my FaceBook:

Totally open to comments and suggestions. Best to correct any glaring mistakes virtually, long before saw it put to wood.
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The leftover space in front of the door under the stairs is looking a bit small, and pretty close to useless. I might consider enclosing all of that space and making it storage.
I would run the stairs without the turn in them. That's a pain to carrly large items up because you will have to put up hand rails if you pull a permit.

I like the hay loft door. Most folks don't think about stuff like that anymore.
First off, I agree with making the stairs a straight shot. That bend makes moving larger objects a major PITA.

Second, does he want walled off storage? I say if not, open up the area under the stairs and design racks for holding wood instead. Would make holding things like long 2x4's and the like much easier.
He wants the stairs like that. No plans to carry up huge objects. Anything really big will go up the hay loft door, via a pulley system on that extended beam.

It is enclosed for a reason. We plan to put the dust collecting system in there, and run hoses under the floor, through holes cut through the center of the floor joists. That way all the dust collection is hidden away, and enclosed in a room to reduce noise. When he needs to swap out the bag, just open the door, and do the swap.

He'll likely have this on a concrete pad. We want the raised floor on joists for the express reason of running those hidden hoses.

Things like hand rails, work benches, electrical outlets, lights, etc...will be drawn in *after* I've finalized the design of the building itself.

After some suggestions on another forum, I've beefed up those 2nd Floor floor-joists to 2x12's. Easiest way was to just lower the 1st floor ceiling by 4 inches. Room was already at 10' tall, so 9'8" will be good enough.

This way I didn't have to do a radical redesign of the roof, rafters, or stairs. And, it looks pretty cool.

Link to it on Google Warehouse:

Snapshots of corrections:

Here you can see the L-brackets I plan to use to help hold the 2nd floor joists in place. They will be bolted all the way through in both directions.

Here you can see the 2nd Floor joists bridge over top of the top plates, and extend over them by almost 11 inches:

Final (so far) look:

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