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    Today's AJC reports that a woman was attacked by a knife-weilding man on the Silver Comet Trail-- that 38-mile long former railroad track between Mableton and Rockmart that is now paved and used for biking and skating and running. Is that a state park? Is it a series of county parks (the trial runs through multiple counties)? Are firearms off-limits there? I've been using that trail for 20 years, since long before they paved it. I used to hike or ride dirt bikes on it when it was just an abandoned railroad line. There are still parts of it that are miles from the nearest civilization, where there is no cellphone signal, and where nobody would come to your aid if you ran across a violent criminal, a pack of semi-feral dogs, a rabid fox, etc. Are civilians with permits allowed to carry there?

    (If I see somebody pull a knife on a woman and put his hands on her in anger, I'm likely to want to at least draw my weapon and try to distract him, though in 90% of the cases where this happens not only will she deny that she was in danger, she will team up with him and say that YOU are the assailant, if it is a domestic dispute that you interfere with!)
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    Not sure

    But I know several people who use the silver Comet regularly while armed.

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    I know several people (not naming any names) who eat in restaurants that serve alcohol and otherwise attend public gatherings while armed. That is not really the question.

    I will have to see whether I can dig up the story of the officer whose son was shot in a church down in Florida. The officer, at the time, thought it inappropriate to carry his firearm in church, and so did not have his most valuable tool when a miscreant followed through on his intention to do harm. As the officer later described it, "Do you know what it is like laying over your son to cover him and waiting to die? Even if you survive, how do you live with yourself after that?"

    The same reasons compel many of us to violate malum prohibitum laws from time to time, but it would still be nice to free oneself from ignorance regarding the law applicable to any particular location visited. At least if one knows the location is an illegal place under Georgia's oppressive system of laws, and chooses to carry anyway, such a one may be discrete and thereby avoid the harsh penalties that ought to be reserved for those who harm others.

    This differs from the bold carry one might exhibit while walking on the public sidewalk, knowing oneself to be free from the threat of incarceration.
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    Did some research on the Silver Comet Trail. All I could find is that the counties, that the trail goes through, are in charge of paving and up keeping of the trail, so that would leave me to believe that IF it is a park of sorts, then it would fall under county jurisdiction and therefore not govern by the DNR and therefore O.C.G.A. 12-3-10 would not apply.

    This is ofcourse, my uneducated non legal opinion.
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    Well, thanks for researching it. I myself follow the guideline that everything I want to do is legal, unless there's a particular law that applies to what I'm doing, the way I'm doing it, that makes it illegal. And if you can't find a law against it, and I can't find a law against it, then it's either not illegal, or not illegal enough for anybody to actively enforce it.