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I found this on YouTube probably has it, too. Many demonstrations of cool weapons on both of those sites. Here's one showing a guy firing a silencer-equipped H&K .45 and a similarly outfitted Walther P22. You can compare the sound of the shots to the sound of his voice and tell they are BOTH pretty quiet, but obviously the little .22 is quieter. Note also that he appears to have done this test at an indoor shooting range and some of the "noise" you hear are the bullets smacking into the backstop. If you shoot a suppressed, subsonic weapon outdoors with the bullet impacting a target a long distance away, like a earth berm 500 yards downrange, it can be a very quiet thing. Like a pellet pistol.

Silencer Video

I hope that works. If not, just cut-and-paste it into your browser window. Or do a search for "Walther" or H&K" on or Youtube.
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