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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by rajl, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. rajl

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    So I just got my beloved Sig 220 back from the factory. I bought it used, private party. Sig has a plan where, for $100, they'll install new, factory night sights, replace all the springs, and give it a check by a gun smith for safety and functionality. It's the best deal ever.

    Night sights are nice and shiny, and I'm amazed at how they glow in the dark. I didn't realize how much new springs would help either. Trigger pull is incredibly crisp, and the recoil spring is A LOT stronger. I decided to pop the slide off of the frame, and while the old recoil spring would move it about half-way down the rail, the new recoil spring will shoot the slide *ACROSS* the room if you don't hold on to it. :D

    I'm so happy with my (mostly) new toy. I can't wait to take it to the range and put it through its paces.
  2. ptsmith24

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    :righton: that's awesome! i'm still waiting on my GFL and saving up for my first carry gun. hopefully i'll win one from FNRA. I hope I bought the lucky raffle ticket.

  3. Macktee

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    Although it lives in a different neighborhood, like a trailer park compared to a country club, my 9 mm. Hi Point was also sent back to the factory for some work.

    They replaced the spings, the slide, the sights a few other pieces and they threw in a couple of new magazines, all for free!

    Damn! I just love that price...

    It's also a surprisingly accurate and easy to shoot pistol. For the money, it's a real deal.
  4. tony218

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    It's also a surprisingly accurate and easy to shoot pistol. For the money, it's a real deal.[/quote]

    i've shot this gun and he's right it's a great little gun
    i don't think hi-point deserve the bad rep. that they have.
  5. Ready

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    I agree too, I had a 14 year old P226 that I bought new and just recently sent it in under that plan. New night sights and springs. Fully cleaned and tested. Great service, took about a week and half to get it back.

    If you have an older Sig, you should take advantage of this deal.