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I shot a few rounds of a .357 Sig at a range-- traded pistols with the guy in the lane next to me at a shooting range.
It seemed fine. Like a .357 magnum revolver. Too much recoil for a compact concealed-carry gun, but it should be great in a larger sized pistol.

I really like the idea of a necked-down cartridge for a self-defense handgun, due to the fact that the opening in the chamber for the bullet to slide into will be much larger than the bullet, so if the bullet is a millimeter out of alignment, it will still find the hole and get stuffed in. This should improve feeding and reliability.

P.S. I assume that with only a barrel swap, you could shoot .40 S&W through it? I'd definitely get that extra barrel, in case .357 Sig ammo becomes expensive or temprorarily unavailable in your area.
Maybe also for less-expensive target practice, if you're going to be burning through thousands of rounds a year. I'm not seeing an $15/ 50 round boxes of ammo in my quick Google search. It's more like $20/ box.

25 cents / round vs. 40 cents, each being cheap FMJ range ammo.

After shooting 5000 rounds of .40, you'd have saved $75.... which is still probably only half the cost of a replacement barrel.... OKAY, so the math doesn't work out on saving money. But you would get better ammo availability!
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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