Sig P250... a good deal?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ClemsonTiger, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. ClemsonTiger

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    Cheaper Than Dirt has the P250 9mm full size for just over $350. Other configurations range up to around $400. This pistol has an MSRP of around $650-700ish. This seems like a really good price to me. Anyone out there have any thoughts on this? Was there recently a price drop on these? Are they just not selling well?

    The biggest thing holding me back is the DAO. For a full size pistol, I think I'd rather have a DA/SA. The caliber and frame conversion of this pistol is interesting, but both seem too expensive to be practical. The only place I've seen the caliber conversions listed is on Sig's website for $375 (full MSRP).

  2. CoolHand

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    If price is your only criteria for purchase then buy one. If you want a "bet your life on it going bang, bang, bang everytime" when needed then look elsewhere. They're craptacular. You can find slightly used Glocks for the same price.
  3. mathar1

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    The P250 TANKED and Sig had to drastically drop the price to move them.Good luck finding ANY aftermarket parts or accessories. :puke: It's not a bad deal for a gun that every time I touch one I want to go wash my hands. :puke:
  4. ookoshi

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    FYI: Holsters for the XD or XDM, forget which, will fit the Sig P250.

    I don't have a Sig P250, and I don't particularly like DAO firearms, but I hear their trigger is pretty good for a DAO weapon. It flopped mainly because it's more sensitive to limp wristing than a firearm should be. Held correctly, people have reported that it's as reliable as anything else out there.

    I've thought about getting one since the price drop, and I've researched a bunch of forums recently. The Sig P250 argument I've seen usually boils down to this. People who like it will argue that shooter induced failures are not the fault of the platform, and that you can get feed problems with any semi-automatic handgun if you limp wrist it enough. People who don't like it will argue that a shooting platform should handle poor shooting technique better, since you don't know how good your technique will be in a self-defense scenario. What I took away from all the posts is that they're probably both right to some degree, but once you get to the $350-400 range, you have plenty of options, so why take a chance?
  5. Going Postal

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    I bought a P-250 Compact in 9mm back in July. My first impression was that I did not like it, mainly because of the DAO. I have only fired a few hundred rounds through it so far and I am learning to like it a little better. I just ordered a .40 S&W X-Change kit for it and got to fire it this morning for the first time. I think the 9mm fires better than the .40. I have had no problems of any kind with the function and reliability of the pistol. I like the concept of being able to change calibers just by X-changing the slide assembly.

    There are problems with the exchanging of the polymer grip assembly IMO. There are two versions of the grip assembly which caused me a bit of frustration. The first version. which they call the Original Grip (which I bought with the 9mm) and the new version, which they call the New Style Grip (which came with the .40 kit)are not compatible for magazines. The original and new magazines are not interchangeable at all, so I had to buy a new magazine for my older (6 months) 9mm pistol. The place I bought it only had 10 round mags and when I loaded it this morning, it would only hold 8 rounds!!

    Another slight problem is the trigger spring. The concept of the pistol is that you can change grip sizes and calibers to suit you. The trigger mechanism is the actual serial numbered part (it is the gun). When I took the trigger mechanism out of the Original Grip to put it in the New Style Grip, a spring came loose and fell out. I had to go to the Sig website to find a schematic to figure out where the sucker went.

    Even though the P250 has its problems, I like the pistol and the concept enough to keep it. I am hoping that the cost of all of the X-change kits go down enough for me to pick up one in .45 ACP and maybe the .357 Sig.
  6. GooberTim

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    If you plan on trusting it with your life, please do some research on what a number of fed LEO agencies think of the Sig p250. If it was a great gun, why would they be selling them so cheap?
  7. Going Postal

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    Even though I have come to like the pistol more than I did, I am afraid that I have to agree with Goober, I will not trust my life to it. It is a pistol that I will shoot paper with and then back into the safe until the next paper shooting!!