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Sig P238 .380

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Hopefully I have enough posts to permit a sale��

Less than 50 rounds. Just not comfortable with the cocked and locked approach. Can send pics but is as new, about 2 yrs old.


[email protected]

Would like to meet in a public place in Dunwoody and see carry permit.

Edit: .380
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You need to be very specific about version and accessories. A major retailer in the Atlanta area has a specific model of this gun for sale at well under your asking price. That model is exclusive to this retailer and comes with a single magazine and pretty much no other accessories.
Show us the value.
Show us current retail for THIS specific gun.

Lest I seem all negative, I use this same model as my EDC. I highly recommend this gun for deep/pocket conceal. It is the only .380 I have fired that didn't try and snap my hand off.
Dick's sporting goods has the same gun for over $700 (wrong,sorry). If you have a specific question about features, I'll be happy to answer it.

Otherwise,you should assume a.380 with one magazine and the case.
Sig's website shows 19 variations currently
in production!
We need to know what you
are selling!
It's SAS model. Attempting to upload a pic. I can see I priced this incorrectly, so new price $575.
Pic of .380


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Another pic


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And another


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Last but not least


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