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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by legacy38, Jun 18, 2007.

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    I had a few minutes this evening; so, I ran down to the indoor range (air conditioned) and bought a box of Atlanta Arms .40SW as I didn't have range ammo on hand.

    I set up a silhouette target and started running some controlled pairs and failure drills at seven yards. I had zero malfunctions. It shoots where it is aimed. I couldn't run it quite as fast as I wanted to. The trigger is just enough off from my S&W TDAs that I had to be a bit more deliberate on the DA trigger. The follow up shots where slower as well as the pistol is new to me and the recoil impulse will take some getting used to.

    While this is a VERY nice pistol, and the trade was a good one, I may let it go. Before the trade came my way, I had decided to standardize my stuff, and perhaps I will trade it into a Glock or S&W.

    Since the night had a Sig theme going, I rented a P220 at the range and ran a box through it. It shot pretty nice, but it was hitting high at 15 yards. Failure drills were pretty easy with it, but I had the same issues with the DA trigger and the different recoil impulse.

    Overall, I liked the Sigs, but I had always stayed away from them as the controls were different enough from my S&Ws (and my P95 for that matter) that I was worried about getting fumble fingered trying to swap between them. While I like the clean slide of the Sig and the Sig decock lever that blasted slide stop drives me nuts.
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    I could never get used to the grip of the Sigs. But they are fine firearms.

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    If that was a 9mm, I would take it of your hands.

    The one 239 I shot, first 3 shot holes were all touching each other.
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    You have a PM :D
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    This one definitely shot where I pointed it. I have no doubt about Sig accuracy and reliability. I cut my teeth on S&W autos and have more trigger time with them than anything else with Glock coming in second.

    I have no doubt that I could easily transition into Sig and really enjoy them. I don't know how easily I could go back and forth between them and other guns, which has always been my only concern as they have so many features I like. I love having the controls on the frame (except for the placement of the slide stop), and I love the full length slide rails and the sight picture with the Sig sights. I think the double stack models would work better for me though, and some point I want to try one with the short trigger.

    It's funny that I don't have a problem going back and forth between my S&Ws and my Glocks, but the Sigs were just enough to cause me to have to be a bit more deliberate and bit less instinctive.