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Discussion in 'Ranges, Dealers & Smiths' started by Blackadder, Apr 5, 2007.

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    I live 10 minutes from Athens, and we have a couple of gun shops here, but I will drive to Gainesville every time I want to buy a gun just so I can deal with the guys at Shuler's.

    No pimply, [email protected] kid with a "tacticool" rig strapped to his low-ride pants, and no smart-mouth know-it-alls that want to talk you into something. Just good fellows that let you buy what you want instead of trying to sell you something.

    I ordered my new G32 from them today, and canot wait to visit with them next week.
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    good guys and good store.....

  3. legacy38

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    The shops in Athens can be an odd bunch. Franklin's has flushed its reputation, but sometimes I go in there just due to selection and convenience as it is so close to my house. Don't fall for their "cost day" sales though, as they definitely aren't selling things at cost.

    Clyde's can be hit or miss. I used to get into friendly banter with one of the guys in there, but I've gotten turned off by their attitude.

    Georgia Outdoor Sports started out great, but they fell off a bit when "Jerry" left. They are a far sight better than Franklin's for service.

    Academy Sports is just a chain, but the guys at the counter there seem very friendly and helpful.

    "Jerry" that ran Franklin's back in the glory days and helped start up Georgia Outdoors has opened his own shop out in Winterville, but I don't have any specifics on his shop.