Shuler's Great Outdoors - new store in Commerce

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    The family and I were driving down 441 from Helen to Athens today and noticed a new store. It is located in front of The Pottery in the building that keeps changing from one restaurant to another. It used to be a fish house of some sort. Anyway I saw a bunch of hunting, fishing, gun, etc. banners and whipped in.

    They seemed to have a great selection of guns, accessories, ammo, etc. Their prices seemed very reasonable - a little higher than Clyde but way lower than Franklins. The staff were both knowledgable and friendly. The owner was walking around greeting people. They opened 2 wks ago today. They had a great selection of autos and revolvers and a few 1911s. They had rifles, including ARs by Bushmaster and Rock River Arms to name a few. They had the best selection of Sigs, Glocks, and XDs I have seen anywhere. Too many others to name.

    The best part is that everything is out where you can touch it and hold it. The rifles and shotguns are out where you can get to them. The pistols are sitting on ledges mounted on the wall and attached by a zip-cord. You can see anything you want without having to keep asking the guy behind the counter to get things out. Come to think of it....that might be why so many guys behind the counter come across as not very nice. They get tired of pulling things out that they know you aren't really interested in purchasing.

    I had the wife and 3 yr old in the car watching a movie so I didn't stay too long but can't wait to go back and fondle EVERYTHING. I was so excited I left the store empty handed.
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    Awesome. Too bad that's way away from me... :(

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    What a great idea!
  4. Nice place. I went there on grand opening day and left with a Kimber Tactical Pro II 8). They even have an evil black rifle section complete with a $2400 Barrett M468 :p . The Nighthawk custom 1911s were my favorite too.