Show my GFL to TSA when I show I.D. to fly to Cabo?

Discussion in 'General GWL Questions' started by curtdiss, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. curtdiss

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    My wallet has a removable drivers license holder. It has two sides that are clear for viewing Ids. One side I have my DL the other side I have my GFL. Should I leave my GFL at home as not to have any hassle with the TSA?(I must show birth cert and DL to get on plane) OR would it help to prove that I am an upstanding citizen etc.

    Also anyone see any problems if I do take my GFL and have to show ID in Mexico?

    Thanks for any thoughts!

    While I am at it...
    can I take my Kershaw auto knife? Not in my carry on/person of course. Anyone know of ability to carry knives in Mexico? What about my surefire E2D?
  2. EagleEye920

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    Personally, I wouldn't show anyone unless I had to. What will it get you? quicker passage through the metal detectors?? :) I'd leave it in your wallet just don't publicize it.

    I think they look for any reason to pull someone aside and search them.

    My wife and I, and 2 friends all bought one-way tickets from Newark, NJ to Atlanta one Friday morning at 4:30 AM with no luggage (crazy story). Anyway, we got the full treatment. Pratically had to get naked :oops: We were even warned by the ticket agent that they would probably do that.

    I'm not thrilled about airport security.

  3. geaux_tigers

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    I think if I had to fly a lot I might consider changing my last name to something that sounded middle eastern. With all of the fear of being accused of profiling, the TSA might let me walk right through. :sly:
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    Airport security

    I was on a military 96 (four day weekend) with a buddy of mine. Wrecked the car we were driving in and had to purchase a one way ticket just hours before the flight. Well obviously a one way ticket the day of the flight profiles you. We got the four ZZZZ's on our tickets. Which anybody can figure out what that means. We were already late for the flight running in the terminal. We get to security show them our military ID's and the guy say's hold up gets his boss talks it over and they lets us through with no crazy checks. Really nice guys in that reguard. Thanks to them we didn't miss our flights. But everytime I fly I show the military ID. Some say don't in an attempt not to draw attention. Well if the screaming high and tight haircut doesn't give it away then I don't think me showing a little ID will be such a problem.
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    My experience has been that a one-way ticket, regardless of when purchased or the destination, gets you a date with Helga at security. It's common knowledge, and we keep hearing how sophisticated and knowledgeable our enemies are. I would think they would figure out that they should buy a 2-way ticket if they don't like Helga's gentle touch.