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Re: Re: Should CC pistol be holstered?

gunsmoker said:
A holster is a better way to carry a gun. Safer and more secure. I sometimes slip a pistol in my pocket or tuck it in my pants "Mexican" style, but only once in a while, only for short trips to the mailbox or something like that. IF your employee's gun is a Glock, fully loaded, is an additional factor. If the gun starts to slip and he grabs at it in a panic to try to stop it from falling to the floor, and if his finger gets on that trigger by accident... not much pressure required to fire it.
The Glock is not really a true Double-Action trigger pull. MUCH shorter stroke required, and a lot fewer pounds.
this. I even went a step further and put in a ghost trigger connector and made it 3.5 lbs.
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