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Shots fired reported at JFK Airport

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The New York Police Department says officers have responded to John F. Kennedy International Airport following reports of shots fired.
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Definitely rifle, because, you know, Sullivan Act.
since it was at a terminal, it was probably a TSA agent negligent discharge that they covered up afterwards.
CNN is reporting that there was no evidence of any shots ever fired, and that it was likely a hoax. First a false 911 call, then people spreading the word by phone and social media to induce a panic.
Same as at that mall in NC a day or 3 back.

Because, you know, people have been indoctrinated to become scared of their own shadows these days. Boogymen are lurking everywhere and the only hope is more "government protection." :roll:
Is someone testing response times and tactics maybe?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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