Shots Fired On I-285 After Accident

Discussion in 'Georgia Crime Reports' started by mark5019, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Quote: "An officer at the scene said there were "gun casings everywhere." Quote:

    Then where are the guns?

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    one incident
    two tough guys out of commission for a while !
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    wow i'm glad i have that thing that keeps you from doing things that you might think of when you get upset, what is it called again, oh yeah a BRAIN.

    I understand road rage, this city's drivers will piss you off everyday without fail, but you have to know when to back off sometimes and regroup, unfortunately these guys don't seem to realize that doing stupid **** like that might get you or someone else killed.

    quick question, if someone did run you off the road, like this guy claims the truck did, would it be justifiable? apparently not according to APD, but in court could he claim he feared for his life?
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    The cops didn't charge the pickup truck driver with aggravated assault, alleging the vehicle was a deadly weapon which "is likely to" cause serious injury when used offensively when used against a person, and the pickup truck driver DID use it offensively to make the Lexus driver fear an imminent violent injury?

    Maybe the cops didn't believe what the Lexus driver (the shooter) and his wife (following in another vehicle) had to say about how it went down.

    Or maybe they just figured that the Lexus driver was totally in the wrong for pulling and gun and shooting AFTER the crash, after the imminent danger was over, so they decided right there on the spot which of these men was the "good guy" and which was the "bad guy"?

    FINAL COMMENT: Shooting at somebody WHILE they are running you off the road might be OK, but you probably can't do it then because you will be busy trying to keep control of your car.
    After both vehicles come to a stop and the imminent danger of a crash is over (because it already happened), you need more provocation, more evidence that the other guy is going to attack you again, before you can start shooting.
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    So... someone aims a pistol at you and pulls the trigger, but it jams.

    Should one wait for "more evidence" while he either clears the jam, digs around for a knife, or gets his backup gun?

    Or should one consider instead the intent to do bodily harm already
    demonstrated by the truck driver's running you off the road?

    "Trucks don't kill people - angry truck driving people kill people" - to paraphrase.
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    There must have been holsters all over the roadway.
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    This is a bit of an apple to gunsmoker's orange.

    If you've been run off the road....and the offending driver's car is wrecked and he/she's not attacking you with a tire iron.....the threat has been stopped. If you take action, it would be revenge for the threat that just happened.

    If a threat's gun has jammed....or run out of is plainly justifiable to a jury of your peers that the threat has not ended. And so long as the threat is holding a weapon that's a tap/rack/bang away from ending your life.....any action you take is to stop that continued threat.

    Being run off the road and both cars coming to a stop is not quite a tap/rack/bang away from threatening your life. The threat has ended.

    It's VERY POSSIBLE that in the case of the article, the driver of the pick-up truck continued the threat by an assault on foot....but the article doesn't have that detail. But if you're being assaulted on a shoulder of a road where cars are going 80mph and it wouldn't take much to be shoved into that traffic......that's CERTAINLY a threat to your life.

    I'm just not sure that's what happened in the article.
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    Somebody obviously ate them all and left their casings behind. And I thought sunflower seed eaters were bad. :roll:
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    XD Gear.
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    If a guy shoots at you with a black powder cannon and the 12-pound iron ball misses your head by a foot, and you have a modern gun but the other guy seems to have no other weapon but this cannon, can you shoot him after he has fired at you and missed?
    Or do you have to wait for him to attempt to reload the thing?

    What if a guy is branishing a knife at you from 30 feet away, and suddenly he throws the knife at you but it hits you flat, not point-first, and causes no harm. Can you then take aim and shoot the guy down? After all, he "might" have another knife somewhere. (Or he might not)
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    i would have to assumes its an assault cannon and can have more than one shot per lighting of the wick :lol: