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shotgun ammo

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My dad gave me his old Remington 1100 shotgun back in December. He also gave me the ammunition he had. Knowing he hadn't shot it since about the time I was born (almost 26 years now), I'm guessing the ammo is certainly over 20 years old. So the question is, anybody know if it's safe to shoot? If not, how would one suggest I dispose of it? Also, do I need to have the gun looked at to make sure it's safe to use? Or should I just give it a cleaning and go with it? Thanks for your input!

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Judgement call on the ammo. Are we talking 200 or 300 shells? Or 20 or 30? I wouldn't rely on them for protection, but they should be fine for paper tarets, watermelons, and Osama dolls.

I would give it a good cleaning, thoroughly inspect the bore and let it rip. If something seems amiss, take it to a gunsmith for some TLC.
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