shot my first rifle today at the range

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    went to quickshot today and fired the ar 15 that i bought last week, most fun that i have had in a looong time.
    500 .223 rounds came from ups and and less than 10 min i was out the door with said gun in hand. ask the girlfriend if she wanted to go but she said no. well maybe next time i guess. so i get there and there's really not much in there but i dont care , i was there to shoot sum paper targets. unpack the gun and try to find out how everything works from messin about with it. ( yes i practiced at home) so after i pop a clip (magazine) in it pull the slide and take it off safety, i get the bissness. at 50 feet i take it or there about . i have shot groups of about 4-5 inches from the start .. i am impressed with myself as i have never shot a rifle before and haven't adjusted the sights or anything. its a cheap sight as i first thought sum red dot type sight that came with the bushmaster that i thought was a cheap thing just to get it sold but actually works pretty well ( ... hy/731303/ ) ( ... 6SLORC.asp ) there's the rifle and sights there. but anyhow the gun range was very helpful and friendly to me and the others there. even so as to tell me that i was shooting the roof when i tried to shoot from a knelling stance to see what worked for me . yes it was a noob mistake but i don't shoot a lot. but at a total of 21 bucks an hour that included 2 targets, ear and eye protection and the 500 round that came from ups today, i will be back there again .

    now i just need sumbody to show me the right way and what to clean when done with it for the day . . it was a fun day had by all ,and all being me.. oh yeah they had Georgia carry sticker on the front door also ! sweet!~
    not really a story to get all happy about but i am happy none the less.
    clean lanes and helpful folks just what i was looking for in a range
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    The AR was nice, right? Gives you a little punch in the face with every round!

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    Work on breathing (a few breaths, make the last one deeper, partially exhale, and hold. Trigger "squeeze" is next. You should not know when the rifle is going to fire. If it's not a bit of a surprise, it's wrong. Before long, you'll be putting rounds through the same hole. Good luck, on a good purchase!