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I visited several shops today just to check them out. The first two I had never visited. The last shop I had been to five or six years ago when it was in a different location.

First up was
The staff seemed friendly enough, but there really wasn't much of a handgun selection although they did have some nice stuff. The only firearm I handled there was a S&W 1911PD, which had a nice feel to it, but the trigger was somewhat gritty. They had signs up stating that they were having a huge blowout sale, but their firearms prices seemed steep, and when I asked about the sale they only were willing to knock $20 off of the marked price. They have an indoor shooting range, but I didn't check it out.

Next up was
The staff was very eager to help, and they had a wide selection of stuff. Their prices seemed really high. For instance, a bulk pack of Winchester Dynapoints was priced at $19.99. I haven't bought them in quite some time, and I realize ammo prices have risen, but I paid $9.99 per bulk pack the last time I bought them. Also, they had Wilson Combat 1911 mags priced at $37.99 as compared to $26.99 at the first shop and $27.00 at the last shop. They did seem willing to deal as they sold a S&W 908 that was marked at $349 to a guy from $275 out the door. I got the feeling he was a frequent customer.

Finally, I stopped at the
This shop used to be in Winder and was open by appointment only. It is now in Hoschton and is only open from Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, but they will meet customers at other times by appointment. I bought a S&W 64 there years ago. This shop focuses in on military and police type stuff. They had several Valmet rifles, which are interesting. There prices on SKSs and Mosins seemed kind of high.
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