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Shooting Paper and Steel with Irons

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This was my first time shooting beyond 100 yds since I installed an HK 1200 meter rear sight onto my PTR 91, GI model. All the shooting was done off of a table with my ammo box/airsoft BB sock rest. Below are the highlights.

The rifle:

The ammunition:

I call it German surplus.

I put what I call a “Hostage†target at 200 yds. The target is 18†tall by 12†wide, so I consider it a 2/3 size target. I’m not sure how that translate into what distance the target would appear to be at, if it were full-size. Obviously, it’s more than 200 yds.

I fired three strings of five shots each. I was aiming at the red silhouette every time.

I fired 20 rounds at the steel silhouette at 400 yds.

I had an older man (who tried to) spot for me. I got 14 out of 20, with one string of 10 hits, and another string of four hits.

Here’s the YouTube link:

I had 10 rounds of Wolf Polyformance steel-cased ammunition left over, so I put a Red Dawn target at 100 yds.

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Ignorant question here. What's the purpose of showing a coin in the picture of the range?
Ignorant question here. What's the purpose of showing a coin in the picture of the range?
Not an ignorant question; it's a dime by the way (I should have marked it).

I include it in my original photo so that when I'm editing later, I can size the photo down to represent the actual perspective. If you open the photo to full-size on a larger tablet, laptop, or desktop, a dime placed over the dime in the photo should be the same size.

If I have the space, I usually crop it out of the photo. I didn't have the space on these photos.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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