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Obviously, some one didn't get the word that guns are illegal in Canada... ... 42238.html

December 17, 2006
'It’s really scary'
Gunman blasts Mill Woods home
By AJAY BHARDWAJ, Edmonton Sun

Residents of a sleepy Mill Woods cul de sac were awakened with a start after a gunman blasted a home with at least three shots, police said.

South-side cops raced to the bungalow at 87 Street and 26 Avenue around 10 a.m. after residents of the home called to say bullets had pierced a wall. No one was injured but a television set and piece of furniture were hit, said acting Sgt. Greg MacNeil.

“I think every police officer would consider it an alarming situation,†said MacNeil. “I think to living in the city myself, if I woke to find a bullet hole myself, I would find it concerning.â€

Cops found three shell casings from what’s believed to be a small-calibre weapon, he added.

Residents of the home heard a couple of loud bangs around 3:30 a.m., looked outside the house, saw nothing and went back to bed, MacNeil said.

“It was around three, my husband woke up and heard gun shots,†said Michelle Lorimer, who lives nearby. “He said he heard seven rounds, it could have been five, I don’t know. I, too, did hear something. I thought it was a dream, it didn’t seem real.â€

The Lorimers looked outside, didn’t see anything and went back to sleep, she said. When she looked outside Sunday morning and saw all the police cars, she realized it was no dream.

“It makes me nervous,†she said. “Is this like another drug-related shooting in Mill Woods? It’s really scary. It’s really close to home.â€

She acknowledged she lives in a safe neighbourhood but was shaken by Sunday morning’s events.

Jonathan Hansler said he heard voices and then counted five shots around 3:37 a.m.

“It’s pretty scary, especially having a couple of young kids (six and four),†he said.

Cops had no suspects and said there was nothing to indicate the shooting was connected to gangs or drugs.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police complaint line at 423-4567.
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