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Shooting death at restaurant prompts call to act on security, safety

Emphasis mine. For those who don't remember the bad old days before GCO, one of the big prohibitions in Georgia was that carrying in any restaurant that served alcohol was prohibited even if the carrier wasn't drinking. GCO's first major legislative victory in 2008 got that restriction repealed, and while the bill was proceeding through the General Assembly, the Georgia Restaurant Association fought tooth and nail against that change. They lobbied hard to keep their members' establishments "gun-free zones" (at least for non-murderers), regardless of what the owners of the establishments wanted. After they lost that battle, they published anti-gun signs and distributed them to their members to encourage them to ban guns on their private property.

Now that one of their members' employees has been shot to death (spoiler alert: not by a GWCL holder), they're concerned with security. But not a word about allowing employees to defend themselves, except for hiring off-duty police officers for security.

The GRA's safety seminar was a first step. GRA plans follow-up event in February in partnership with the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Maybe GCO can co-host the follow-up event and offer security suggestions :lol:
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