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This is one of the best pieces written yet! I think my parents would slap me for writing something as bad as this!

Shooting Across From DeKalb H.S.
Reported By: Keith Whitney
Web Editor: Michael King
Last Modified: 8/30/2006 11:50:05 PM
Scary moments outside DeKalb County’s Redan High School on Wednesday afternoon when shots rang out at a bus stop across the street.

Two teens were hit by gunfire, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

It is not clear where the teens went to school. They have not been identified, due to their age.

Neighbors say the bus stop the teens were at is part of the problem.

The gunfire erupted at a MARTA bus stop across the street from the high school. Two teens were hit in the fusillade of bullets, but managed to make their way across the street to the school for help.

That’s where police converged, with the gunment still on the loose.

“Approximately three black males were driving in a dark-colored black sedan-type vehicle with a drive-out tag,†said DeKalb police officer Jason Gagnon. “They passed the subjects waiting at the stop, kind of did a U-turn came back. It was a drive-by shooting. They fired several shots from the vehicle.â€

Police took one person into custody almost immediately, while the search continued for the others. The car believed to be involved was discovered a short time later.

“I don't know what the motive is,†said Gagnon. “We're looking at everything. Gang-related? Possibly. We don't know at this time. It's just too early to tell.â€

Bullets were literally bouncing off of the side of Diane Jones’ house, just a few feet from the MARTA bus stop.

“I got up and looked around, and all of a sudden, I saw all the policemen and ambulances and all around, and that was it, and next thing I now, all the police are in our yard and they're saying our house is part of a crime,†Jones said.

Jones says trouble and danger wait at this particular MARTA bus stop.

The shooting is the second violent incident there in the past three weeks, and Jones wants MARTA to move the stop. She says it has become a dumping ground for criminals.

“They always hide televisions, stereos -- they've wrecked our pool,†Jones said. “It's getting pretty unsafe here.â€

Police say the search continues for the gunmen that got away.

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Worst yet this happened in the Firearm Free School Zone!!

What is the world comming to when someone breaks not only the school zone and Bus Stop laws, but probably also discharge within the city, not to mention that whole attempted murder law.
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