Shooters Burglarized

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    Gun store burglary worries police

    By Greg Gelpi| Staff Writer

    Saturday, October 13,

    Eight guns, including an AR-15 assault rifle, were stolen Thursday night from Shooters, an Augusta gun dealer and shooting range.

    "It makes anybody in law enforcement a little nervous," said Sgt. Ken Eskew, a Richmond County sheriff's investigator.

    Stolen guns make deputies particularly worried, he said.

    "We don't worry as much about all those that are bought with a federal firearm license," Sgt. Eskew said.

    He said stolen guns usually end up in the wrong hands. Armed robberies, for instance, often involve stolen guns, he said.

    An anonymous caller alerted deputies to an alarm going off at Shooters and a silver truck in its parking lot.

    When officers arrived, the truck was gone along with a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun, a Colt AR-15 .223 caliber assault rifle, a Calico Liberty 9 mm rifle and four Glock handguns. A Taurus .357 revolver was dropped at the scene.

    Shooters is on Patriots Way, about 600 feet from Westside High School, close enough that Principal Tim Spivey said you can hear the "pop pop" from the firing range.

    It's a concern that the firearm thefts occurred so close to his school, but he said the business has always been a "good neighbor."

    Thefts account for about a quarter of all firearm trafficking, said Special Agent Marc Jackson of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' Atlanta Field Division. Trafficking refers to firearms that are intentionally "diverted" to the black market.

    Of the trafficked firearms recovered by the ATF and documented in a 2000 report, 17.4 percent were involved in homicides, 25.2 percent were involved in assaults and 16.5 were involved in robberies.

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    Interesting they noted this. These stats will be misleading for most readers. Of course a high percentage of recovered weapons are used in violent crimes. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been recovered.

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    "Assault" rifles :roll:

    Shouldn't it be a concern for general criminal activity near the school? Why bring guns into it?
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    Thought that was a "police style" rifle? :roll:
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    damn, that's the indoor range i use. owner seems like a real nice guy. i hope no one was injured, and that he's not getting too much grief over this.
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    Sorry for the off topic post, but you have a PM.
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    Wonder if the feds have asked TI about them. :shock:
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    On a side note the Calico series of pistols and rifles are 1) collectors Items (to some people) 2) have 50 and 100 round magazines 3) easy to convert to fire FA