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    I know some of you are supportive of Sheriff Arpaio as he has been mentioned here before. But I think he is indicative of the continual militarization of our police force and all the problems that go along with this backdoor violation of posse comitatus.

    Take a look at this story and tell me if you disagree.

    I'm all for aggressive policing of criminals and I'm all for punishment as I don't think rehabilitation works. But this is just flat out rediculous.
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    I'm a supporter (perhaps Former supporter) of his tough dealing with those who are incarcerated. Arizona's temperature is nothing compared to living in a GP Medium in the sandbox.

    That said,,, I'm now about speechless regarding the behavior detailed in the news/editorial posted. There might be two sides to every story and I'd be Damned Interested in seeing Maricopa's explanation, if there is one.

  3. budder

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    What the hell? I cannot think of any possible reason for the Sheriff's actions, especially when the best excuse the paper could come up was automatic weapons. There's nothing illegal about that! And failing to appear in court? Who sends in SWAT for that?
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    That's horrible. If all of that is true, the Sheriff deserves some time in his own overcrowded jail, at the very least...
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    While I don't mind being tough on convicted criminals, Sheriff Joe is nothing but a jackbooted, bureaucratic, attention whore.
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    Sounds like the MCSO is going to go through what APD brought upon themselves when their narc unit raided that "drug dealers" house and killed her last winter.

    MCSO has some 'splaining to do and firings should be in order at the least.

  7. RedBeard

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    Newspapers and the rest of the media outright lie. I have had at least two outright lie regarding an incident I was involved in lately. I am not talking about half-truths or innuendo, I am talking about blatant, knowing lies. Creating "facts" to tell the story they want to tell even when provided the facts of the story. Even simple things like knowingly lying about how much something costs.

    However, this looks really, really bad for MCSO.
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    Thats sorry!!!!! My dog, screwing with my dog, there would have been a real gun fight.

    yes he is out of control or at least his henchmen are.
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    Poor dog. :(

    This pisses me off to no end.
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    I've been a supporter, but IF this is accurately portrayed, then he's nothing more than a JBT.
  11. merlock

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    Same here.
  12. budder

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    So what happened afterwards? Were there any repercussions? It's been a while since the story happened, but I didn't see a follow-up.
  13. Thorsen

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    I looked but couldn't find anything. In the process of looking, I read his bio on Wiki which had these interesting items under the controversy and criticism tagline:

    The Scott Norberg case
    One major controversy includes the 1996 death of inmate Scott Norberg while he was in custody. Norberg was arrested for chasing two young girls in Mesa, Arizona. Arpaio's office repeatedly claimed Norberg was also high on methamphetamines, but a blood toxicology performed post-mortem conclusively proved this was not true. During his internment, detention officers shocked Norberg more than 20 times with a stun-gun, including on his testicles. According to an investigation by Amnesty International, Norberg was already handcuffed and face down when officers dragged him from his cell and placed him in a restraint chair with a towel covering his face. After Norberg's corpse was discovered, detention officers accused Norberg of attacking them as they were trying to restrain him. The cause of his death, according to the Maricopa County medical examiner, was due to "positional asphyxia". Sheriff Arpaio investigated and subsequently cleared County detention officers of any criminal wrongdoing.[5]

    Norberg’s parents filed a lawsuit against Joe Arpaio and his office. The lawsuit was settled for $8.25 million (USD) following a highly contentious legal battle. Despite vowing to never settle, the case quickly closed after it was disclosed the Sheriff's office had destroyed key evidence in the case.

    The Brian Crenshaw case
    Brian Crenshaw was a blind inmate allegedly beaten into a coma by guards working under Arpaio. Crenshaw suffered injuries that included a perforated intestine and a broken neck. He later died at a local hospital. When asked about the incident, Arpaio insisted, "The man fell off a bunk."[2]

    The Fountain Hills prank calls case
    During April, 2004, Arpaio became involved in more controversy when he accused the West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Police Department of being unprofessional over their handling of surveillance tapes from an AT&T store that showed a suspect making prank calls to several restaurants. The calls instructed restaurant managers to strip-search female customers — minors included. Several managers were arrested as a result. Arpaio believed that the suspect in the tapes from West Bridgewater might be connected to a similar case in Fountain Hills, Arizona. In response to Arpaio's comments, West Bridgewater Police Lt. Raymund S. Rogers was quoted as saying "I think he's mad that our detectives just happen to be better than his detectives". [3]

    James Saville
    James Saville was arrested in 1999 for attempting to murder Joe Arpaio. A jury decided that officers from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department had entrapped Saville and found him not guilty. [6].

    Raid on Justin Delfino Residence
    In 2004, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office SWAT team led a raid on a Ahwatukee home in a gated subdivision, looking for illegal weapons. No illegal weapons were found, but during the raid, the house burned down, killing a dog, and an armored vehicle rolled into a neighbor's parked car. [7]

    Illegal immigrants
    In 2005, Arizona passed a law making it a felony, punishable by up to 2 years in jail, to smuggle someone across the border. Maricopa County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas has issued a legal opinion that those being smuggled can be considered co-conspirators to the smuggling and thusly can be charged under the same law. Under this opinion, Arpaio has instructed his deputies and members of his civilian posse to round up and arrest suspected illegal aliens. Arpaio said to Fox News, "My message is clear: If you come here and I catch you, you're going straight to jail. [...] I'm not going to turn these people over to federal authorities so they can have a free ride back to Mexico. I'll give them a free ride to my jail." [8] To date, Arpaio has arrested at least 263 people under this program. [9]

    One of Arpaio's unorthodox practices includes the requirement that these inmates sing "God Bless America" and the "Star Spangled Banner."

    The county attorney's legal opinion is being challenged in court. Many critics, including two of the co-authors of the Arizona anti-smuggling law, claim that Thomas and Arpaio are misusing the statute, which was meant only for human smugglers and not for illegals who are being smuggled. [10] Judge Thomas O'Toole ruled in June, 2006 that the sheriff's interpretation is correct, and the illegal aliens can be tried as co-conspirators. O'Toole later ordered that several illegal aliens be released from custody due to lack of evidence against them. Several other illegal aliens have pleaded guilty and received probation and deportation to Mexico. So far, none of the conspiracy cases have been tried by a jury. [11]

    Prostitution sting
    Sheriff Arpaio has been criticized for allowing his deputies and posse members to engage in sex acts during an undercover prostitution "sting". In November, 2003, Sheriff's deputies arrested over 70 people for prostitution and solicitation. The officers arrested alleged prostitutes and their customers in more than 30 homes and 10 massage parlors in the Phoenix area. Records indicated that several of the officers disrobed, fondled the breasts and genitals of the alleged prostitutes, and allowed their penises to be touched during the operation. The Maricopa County Attorney's Office stated that the Sheriff's office had gone too far in allowing this behavior, and 60 of the cases were thrown out. Several of the male customers in the case were prosecuted, however. [12]

    I also found estimates of the legal fees and payouts from lawsuits due to his methods which have cost the county from 13 million (low side) to 18 million (high side). I would add that to the costs of his jail to give you an estimate of what he is costing the citizens of Maricopa, but Sheriff Joe doesn't believe in letting anyone audit the books of his jailhouse, so that information isn't available.

    Another tidbit I found that I thought was interesting was that he paid a university to do a recidivism study on his inmates. I guess he was planning on showing that his methods result in lower repeat offenders, but when the study showed that he had statistically the same rates of recidivism as other counties, he turned on the university he had hired and claimed that their results were politically motivated.

    Did I forget to add that he pays for a PR firm for himself out of county funds?

    This guy is an asshat of epic proportions and I can not believe that he continues to be elected to office.
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    :( Is he an ex-con? "fell out of his bunk"
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    To put it lightly, Sheriff Arpaio is no friend of the Fourth Amendment.