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Discussion in 'Women with Firearms' started by Priest, Oct 24, 2010.

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    My girlfriend (Fox Glove on here) has finally gotten a chance to go shooting. We went up to High Caliber this evening and spent some time with her turning money into noise with my 1911 and Grumpy's wife's XD9. All shots were taken at 6 Yards
    These are her first 4 shots EVER! The first shot was the dead bull on the right.

    After those shots the adrenaline hit and she began pulling them down for a while. She then moved over to the XD9 and we began working on things again. After getting settled in and after wearing out the adrenaline she started grouping up again.

    I am so proud of her. She handled the weapons very safely, she took her time and did not get frustrated while pulling the shots, she just worked on correcting it. She even went back over to dry fire to find her issue without me having to tell her. She now wants to go to the range regularly to get more trigger time and to borrow more weapons to figure out what she wants to get for her own. Right now she is in love with the XD, but she knows she needs to try more things before deciding.

    I figured that I would share that another woman in GA is working on getting things settled out for her to know she has one more option in keeping herself safe.
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    Wellllll... Keep her! :wink:

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    Congrats! My wife did just that when we went shooting. Her shots were placed in center of target for the first mag then they moved up and down by her third mag. Lately she's been shooting my P220 in .22LR. Saving her poor husband some ammo cost. :D

    If she wants to borrow some Sigs, Kahr, or STI, let me know.
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    If she wants to try my CZ let me know.
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    What's not to love?