She 'had sex with two 16-year-old male students'

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    Accused of "attacking" them? I bet she had a hard time holding down those young men who wanted nothing more than to get away from her. :lol:

    Where are the feminists standing up for this woman falsely accused of rape? I guess rape just isn't what it used to be.
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    Yeah, "attacking" them. Sure.........

    Anyhow, I just want to point out that even in states where the age of sexual consent is 16, that doesn't apply to teacher/ student relationships, nor doctor/ patient, nor inmate/ corrections officer, and a few other such relationships were one person has undue influence over the other.

    I know a guy who was prosecuted and got a felony conviction (in another state) for leading a religious group in his home, a prayer group sort of thing, and having a brief affair with a woman who attended. The courts ruled that he was like a priest, and the law presumes (conclusively, you can't even try to rebut it) that priests can never have informed consent to sexual activity with parishioners.
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    This was basically my first thought. Though I'm not too impressed with the first pic in the 2nd post.
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    Was i an ugly kid? Man.
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    Maybe a different term than rape should be used? I know at 16, she would not have had to rape me....but where is the age cut off? 15? 13? 11? At what age and why?

    I know at 6 I was playing doctor with the 8 year old girl next door and I sure would have played doctor with that 27 year old teacher if given the chance. Would that have been rape or some other crime?
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    My question is, how did she get caught? Did the kids go home and tell their moms, "Guess what? Miss Warren let me bang her?"
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    This is immediately what came to mind. South Park appears to have corrupted what little sensibility I had left...
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    In Georgia, 16 is the legal age of consent, but not for a person under another person's authority, such as a teacher student relationship, police officer prisoner, etc.

    Take a read -

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    Just in case it was not clear, teacher is included in that statute I posted. The only exception would have been if she had been married to the 16 year old student, and, well, she could not have been married to two of them at the same time.
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    girlfriend: Do you think the teacher is hot?

    boyfriend: she's ok for an older chick...but not as hot as you.

    a few days later...

    girlfriend: my parents aren't home...wanna come over?

    boyfriend: uh, I can't...the teacher is really tugging at me for these missed assignments.

    a few days later...

    boyfriend (to other male friend): I banged the teacher.
    boyfriend's friend: ME TOO!! Said it was extra credit.
    [promises not to tell anyone else, followed by high fives and chest bumps]

    a few days later...after these knuckleheads told just one more person...who then told another...and another...and another...etc, etc...

    girlfriend: I cannot believe you had sex with the teacher. I thought we'd be together forever!!!

    boyfriend: uh, babe, RAPED ME!!

    It probably went something like that...
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    I don't understand why any teacher would expect that a 16-year old boy would keep quiet. We've seen similar situations repeatedly. Does each one of these women think they have such a hold over the boys that she can tell them to do anything and keep any secret? Do they really think their affairs will turn out differently from those in the news before them?
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    Well, the simple fact that she decided to have sex with kids when she knew it was illegal tells us that she wasn't thinking very clearly.
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    I honestly think the entire world has sex and gender wrong. Sure, because of our physical parts and strength it makes actual physical rape easier for a man to do it to a woman, but I think women are the much more sexual of the two genders, plus, they can get it when they want it.

    Plus, men's bodies will physically react to simulation, the same way a woman will when being raped. Woman's privates are still stimulated during rape to protect the sex organ.

    Hard part is a woman holding men down.

    With that said, I think women are much more sexual than men, they can be more relational when it comes to sex, but they are more sexual, their sexuality once started is almost impossible to satiate, and I think girls are taught to repress their sexuality, don't be sluts, and I think they repress a lot of it, but once it's loosed it's something to witness.

    This might help describe why these women are having a hard time resisting these guys.

    Plus, you add in little chance of getting pregnant, contraceptives, women's liberation, feminism, a lack of morals, and you've got this result.

    Women are proud to have had STD's now. Feminism plays a big part of that.
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    Apparently even in women hormones sometimes speaks louder than common sense.

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    Yes, I know what the law states.....I don't necessarily agree with everything it says...or in the way it says it.

    Forget the law, do you believe the topic being discussed is rape?

    Some.terms just shouldn't lightly be thrown around....i believe this is one of those instances.

    With that said, I think school systems need to wise up. If you don't want 20 somethings having sex with teenagers quit putting fresh out of college kids in the same schools with teenagers, same can be said for 18 year olds and 14 year olds. Putting them in the same school, they will have sex with each other, bound to happen.

    For the record, I don't believe this is right but rape it is not.