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I saw an ad for them on a website and I had to follow it.

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For someone who doesnt know better, they would be tricked into doing this thing and think they could carry in their own state when the actually cant.

Most intetesting is the license training testimonial with a pic of a guy holding up a Georgia license.

The course itself my be fine, but the website and ad give a very bad impression.


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The are accurate as far as they go. But they don't mention most states require residents to have the in state license. Even Va.

If you are going to do a Va license online, hunt around some. My wife did hers online for $20 and it took about 45 minutes to watch the video and answer the 20 question test. It was easy.

As in-- This is a gun and this is a bullet. If you put bullet in gun and pull the trigger it will go bang and the bullet will come out very fast. If the bullet hits someone it will hurt alot. Be careful and keep your finger away from the trigger unless you want someone to hurt alot. And be sure the only people you make hurt alot are bad people.

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Yeah, I keep seeing one that advertises for a way to carry Nationally, with just an online certification.
Anything 'too good to be true'.. usually is.
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