Several Natl Control Laws/Policies

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    Set for loosening/weaking, if they can ever get going through Congress.

    Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL.Org) has big doings going on about this with grass roots pressure on Congress reps. The main bill has 199 co-sponsors. It needs 238 to get passed and to the Senate.

    Might think about getting GCO involved and at least yourself. Loudermilk from Ga was involved in the shooting in Alexandria and he is pushing on this.

    GCO may be involved at higher up levels than me. I am just former member/Ga resident and figure you guys might be interested. Either way, make some calls and emails and stuff.


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    I hope our legislators understand the sh*tstorm they'll unleash if they decide to push that "guns for we but not for thee" bill. [-X