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Set for loosening/weaking, if they can ever get going through Congress.

Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL.Org) has big doings going on about this with grass roots pressure on Congress reps. The main bill has 199 co-sponsors. It needs 238 to get passed and to the Senate.

Might think about getting GCO involved and at least yourself. Loudermilk from Ga was involved in the shooting in Alexandria and he is pushing on this.

GCO may be involved at higher up levels than me. I am just former member/Ga resident and figure you guys might be interested. Either way, make some calls and emails and stuff.


VCDL's National Reciprocity Campaign

VCDL's National Reciprocity Campaign is now in progress! The campaign will be conducted in several phases. This is where we are currently. If you are just now participating in the campaign, please read all the links below and take appropriate action as directed:


Phase 1 - Contact House Judicial Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte

Phase 2 - Contact Your House of Representatives Member

Phase 3 starts next week

After Scalise Shooting, a Twist: Lawmakers Want to Loosen Gun Laws

WASHINGTON - After the nation's worst mass shootings, in Newtown, Conn.; Aurora, Colo.; Orlando, Fla.; and Columbine High School in Colorado, gun control advocates rose to demand more rigorous laws: stricter background checks, limits on magazine capacities, bans on assault weapons and tougher controls on gun shows and online firearms markets - almost always to no avail.
But in the weeks after the June 14 shooting of Republicans at a congressional baseball practice, the response has had a twist: Conservative lawmakers, some of whom were nearly the victims of gun violence, have pressed to loosen gun controls.
Three bills introduced in the Republican-held House during the past two weeks would allow lawmakers to almost always carry a concealed weapon. A fourth would allow concealed carry permits obtained in other states to be recognized in the District of Columbia. Still another would eliminate federal controls on silencers.

. . .

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Because, for example, a bill was just introduced that would ONLY ALLOW MEMBERS OF CONGRESS with CHPs the ability to carry in DC and not the rest of us!

I refer to that as the "Oh, HELL no!" bill. We need to make sure Congress understands that such a bill is a NON-STARTER and WE WILL, as part of the national reciprocity campaign.

I hope our legislators understand the sh*tstorm they'll unleash if they decide to push that "guns for we but not for thee" bill. [-X
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