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SETTLED, Please Delete!

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Have lots of trades and a little cash. I want to do the conversion to AK-style on one of these.

Thanks for looking! :D
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why not just real a real AK to begin with?

(yes, I understand a semi-auto AK variant is not a "real" AKM...)

a $350 WASR can do a great job of being dead reliable if it's a good one, which is easy to figure out quick...
I'm not really sure, I guess the only real reason would be that the Saiga would be new.

I guess I'm just going to have to break down and get an AK. It's hard to do it, though, when I already have two nice SKS's. Also, my pops has a WASR that he says is ours, but I just don't think of it that way.

I guess I should just take him at his word and go shoot the WASR and be happy, eh? :lol:
IIRC, there are manufacturers that produce new AKs.
Clearance Time.... (WA)
A few deals by you all to peruse


Fortunately or unfortunately, I came across a few new acquisitions and I need to make room..and funds for them. First off, I picked up a couple of extra Saiga's that I am going to sell.

Saiga's: One is in .223 and the other is in 7.62x39. I am selling as I have 2 of each and realistically, my wife reminds me that I only need one. Each are $275 and are as new! Saiga in .223 Sold Pending Funds...but the 7.62x39 is still available.

Next is a CZ Mallard 12 Ga O/U Shotgun. Former owner shot a few boxes out of it but did put a couple of shallow scratches on it's beautiful butt stock. Easily refinished and the wood is gorgeous; essentially new with original box and priced accordingly. $325 SOLD Pending Funds.

Finally, I have a CZ 40P (40 S&W) I will be selling for $325 ANIB with 2 mags. I personally never fired any of these weapons as they have just sat in the safe.

Obviously prefer FTF but will ship. Shipping will be set at $20, add $1 for each $100 of insurance desired.

Edit: Price correction on the CZ 40P
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