Separation Of Church And State Misunderstood

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by Nemo, Sep 23, 2020.

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    Interesting commentary and analysis. Worth the click and read.


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    I thought it was interesting, how they are condemning Barr for his stance on the death penalty, yet the article chooses to quote Nancy Pelosi and point out that she claims to be a Catholic. I wonder when her stance on abortion changed to align with the Catholic Church's position that all forms of abortion are wrong?
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  3. Phil1979

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    There are some Catholic clergy who support Biden and the "pro-choice" message, with the full knowledge of the pope. What does that tell you?
  4. gunsmoker

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    I agree "freedom of religion" doesn't mean "freedom FROM religion" -- and there's nothing in the Bill of Rights about "not being offended" when you see other citizens praying to the wrong god in the wrong way, failing to keep the holy days holy, etc.

    But religious persons should not try to force non-believers into conforming to religious morality codes that are not clearly, unquestionably, beneficial to the general public. And even then, to the greatest extent possible the "public order and safety" angle of such laws should be touted, not the "my God says to do it this way" angle. In fact, I think an otherwise valid exercise of a State's police power could become illegitimate and void the law in question when religious zealots hold up the law as an example of doing God's will.
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    That Francis is Satan's emissary. Benedict needs to get off his ass and take back his seat.
  6. jrm

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    There is no "separation of church and state" in the Constitution. There is a free exercise clause and there is an establishment clause.

    The government uses its police power to enforce a majority of legislators' religious beliefs all the time. For years, there was a ban in GA of Sunday alcohol sales. We slowly are encroaching on that ban, but it's still has far-reaching tentacles. It's not a morality play. It's a conservative religious play.

    Closer to home, there use to be a ban on discharging firearms on Sunday. GCO got that repealed a few years ago.